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Contact Parking Dr. Kelly Werner


Kelly Werner, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist PSY21858
  • to make an appointment, please call 510.847.5127
  • to find my office, go to 582 Market Street, Ste 1502
    in San Francisco (map below)
  • to send forms or other materials via snail mail, write to:
    582 Market Street, Suite 1502, San Francisco, CA 94104

Transportation: BART -- Montgomery BART Station MUNI -- many lines that go to downtown Market street Bike -- There is bike storage on the first floor. The doorman can open and lock the room for you. Walking/Jogging -- Physical exercise would be a great add on to your therapy session. Car -- Parking Garages for Dr. Kelly Werner's Office: The Hobart Building
  • The Sutter Stockton garage is four blocks away and is about $3.00 per hour. Walk east on Sutter St., turn right on Montgomery St. and then left on Market St. The building is a few doors down.
  • The Hearst Building garage is two blocks away. It is relatively expensive (about $2.50 per 20 minutes.) Drive up Third St. and watch for the Hearst Parking sign on the right. Follow the sign's directions, turning right into Stevenson. When walking out of the garage, turn right on Stevenson until it ends, then left on the small street Annie St. Walk to Market and turn right on Market. Cross Market at Second St. and enter the building.
  • The 71 Stevenson St. Building has the closest parking garage. It closes at 7:00 pm and is relatively expensive. Drive north on Second St., turn right on to Stevenson St., which is just before Market St. The entrance to the garage is on the right. Exit the building on Stevenson, turn left back the way you came, turn right on Second St., cross Market St. and enter the building.
  • SF MOMA at 151 Third Street is also inexpensive