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Resources: Mindfulness


Guided Meditations

Guided Mindfulness Exercises by Kelly Werner

Smartphone Apps: Insight Timer and Simple Habit



Focused Attention Practice Instruction by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Open Awareness Practice Instruction by Adyashanti


Excellent Teachers and Resources

Tara Brach (100s of talks on working with the mind, emotions and life from a mindfulness perspective)

Rick Hanson (Practical instruction from a neuroscience perspective on inclining the mind towards the positive)

David Whyte (Poetic teachings on living a conscious life)

Dan Harris (Skeptical, ADD, extroverted, fast-paced guy explaining how to work mindfulness into life)

Dan Siegel (Brilliant scientist and teacher of mindfulness, awareness, and interpersonal relating)

Sounds True (Audio teachings of 1000s of personal growth and mindfulness teachers)

Wisdom 2.0 (Recorded video talks from this conference on mindfulness, wisdom practices and business)